Thursday, 19 March 2015

Free to share: Solar Eclipse Comic


Tomorrow we are excited to see the solar eclipse, and I've been explaining to The Noisy Boys (5 and 3) about what will happen.

Original Boy (5) is starting to read, so I made this comic with Reception Class level text and now his school has asked for copies - which is nice.

Feel free to share and print as widely as you want - I'm putting this out under Creative Commons copyright license and there's a link to an A3 print-quality pdf below


  1. Brilliant Simon, your Dad will be proud of you.

  2. This is great. Although it's the moon that moves in front of the Sun not the Sun moving behind the Moon. The Sun is stationary which is a very important scientific concept for young children to grasp.

  3. Thank you anonymous.
    You are right about the astrophysics – I was so caught up in explaining things in at a very young level, I goofed big time there.
    Will fix it for the next one (in 2076?)

  4. Joking aside, THANK YOU, Anonymous. It is important to get these things right so I have updated the cartoon now